Business Software




We’ve made quite a few software development projects by now.

The most important once are:


The Front-Desk Software

Used for making everything easier by every state company that has front-desk system. It makes thing easier both for the client and from the employee. It is a digital solution for collecting all the front-desks services into one.


The E-Book of Procedures Software

Used by every bigger company in our country, requested by our laws. It is used for logging and archiving digitally all the documents and payments that come in and out of the companies.


The Historical Archive Software

Used by our banks especially the National Bank of Macedonia (NBRM) for easy digital archiving of old documents from the treasury.


The System Monitoring Public Procurement Software

This software is used in any company which uses public procurement as a way for providing goods, works and services necessary for their efficient operation.

Characteristics of software procurement:

This solution is used by the municipalities and offers systematic regulation of the conduct of inspection services and unification and greater efficiency in their operations.


The Road Transport software

This software solutionВ for road transport permits facilitated issuance, management and control of licenses for road transport.

In addition, it facilitates the work of the issuance of licenses for taxis as well as for full and associate carriers which makes the way of issuing of licenses a lot easier and faster.


Information management system litigation (LegalActs) enables simplified records of cases that sometimes last for several months or even years. LegalActs is a software solution that provides visibility of every stage of the proceedings and permanent control of incoming and outgoing documents and legal deadlines must be observed.


For employees:

For the management team:

Software for maintenance of the serviced devices at big service centers. Creating incoming and outgoing repair reports and other financial documents, while real-time watching over the quantity of stock in the storage.

Very fast , secure and reliable while doing simultaneous operations by different users.



ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Security Protocols, Python