The Breed vs. The Stereotype

When you tell someone you are a software developer or programmer, instantly gets a geeky/nerdy picture of you: a guy/girl with glasses, not so good-loking, with no sense of humor or imagination, living in his/hers own world, sitting at home with no interest in the outdoor world. That’s the stereotyped version of us. 

Most of our breed of people are interesting, with huge imagination, outdoor types that like to party and socialize. We need to socialize with other people in order to exchange ideas, get some new ones or even see the feedback of our friends for the idea we plan to develop.

Imagining things

We must have imagination, since we work in an abstract world, trying to put an idea into practice in the real world. We have to look forward to every idea we come up with, to think it trough in every detail, so we would know if it’s possible to do it. We imagine whole processes from the start to the end, whether or not it is for developing our own idea or working on a project.


We love to party, to hang out with our friends, meet new people, experience new things. We need to feel free and careless even for a few hours a day, to stop thinking of work and relax. And most of the time the greatest ideas come when we are enjoying ourselves and not thinking of the problem we are stuck on. It comes like a blast, like a thunderbolt in a seconds of time the solution appears inside your mind and you know it will work. Then after this happens we are eager to go home and try it if it really works, with usually does. However, if we don’t try it right away it keeps playing in our mind like a broken record player and we are not so fun company any more.

The Sun

What most people don’t know is that we, programmers, need a lot of sun, since we are deep down in our monitors for hours, concentrating and working. Maybe that’s way most of our wear glasses, not just for vision improvement, but also for protection. So, we really like and appreciate the sun. Even a short walk on a sunny day helps a lot. We are inspired instantly! And as I will explain further down, the inspiration is the most important in our work.

The Art of Programming

As the artists need to have inspiration to work on their masterpiece, we also need that type of inspiration to work on our art. And yes, I can definitely call it an art. The definition of art says that every expression or application of human imagination and creativeness, acquired by experiences, observations or study is called an art. Since we, as programmers, do exactly this, create something that came out as an idea in our or someone’s imagination, using our knowledge and skills and through our creativity we get it through the finish line into a beautiful software masterpiece, we can call ourselves artists. So, as we agree that we are artists, we need an inspiration to make our masterpiece. In real life, and all the programmers will agree with me on this, we can be stuck on a problem for hours or days and still not resolve it. But if we are inspired, we can solve the puzzle even in minutes. A lot of things inspire us: listening to music, playing games, especially playing games, hanging out, watching movies and learning about new technology achievements in the world.

The Circle of Life

So, to conclude this topic, we programmers are definitely a different breed of people, different from the stereotypes surrounding our profession. We love to do all the things that the people from other professions also do. Maybe our mind is set to work little bit differently, since we tend to connect everything we know into one solution or idea or just logical conclusion or opinion on some topic. But, we are still fun at parties and usually with great sense of humor. Give us a chance and you will see the real people behind the apps you like so much. Maybe we can even help you with a logical solution or advice for your problem as well.  

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